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Impotant Updates
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Worker Strike Ends

Morden Veritas, May 22, 11 5:32 PM.
- Year 12 Day 174

After long and tough negotiations, the 12 day workers strike was ended.  The workers, still disgruntled for previous working conditions, were able to gain ground on many fronts.  The complete details are still being kept behind closed doors, but it appears that management and the workers both seem quite pleased with the outcome. Shortly after the negotiations ended, Mr. Veritas gave a brief press conference to elaborate further.

"Thank you all for coming out today.  We are glad to announce that we have reached an agreement with our workforce, and and proud to say that they will be going back to work tomorrow.  Obviously I cannot go into much detail about the agreement reached, at this point. The most I can say at this point, is that we have definitely addressed the issues that previous management was unable or unwilling to address.
   These issues were legitimate concerns for our employees, and I am glad we are going to be addressing them as quickly as planned. Our employees are the very lifeblood of this company, and our very future depends on them!

  It is in this spirit, that I am proud to announce that we are shedding all ties to the former company this used to be, and start fresh.  So I am now proud to announce that we are no longer Elderan Enterprises, instead we will now be named CorDuro Shipyards!"

With that, Mr. Veritas stepped away from the podium and walked back into the home offices of the new CorDuro Shipyards, while the crowd broke into applause. 


New Leadership

Morden Veritas, May 10, 11 12:53 AM.
On Year 12 Day 161, ownership was transferred to Morden Veritas. Shortly after the papers were signed, a press conference was given outside Elderan Enterprises home offices, concerning the events.  Mr. Veritas made a few comments regarding the need for massive corporate restructuring in the immediate future.

"We need to put our immediate focus on our workforce.  To this end, we are offering a competitive wages, cutting edge equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the galaxy, and outstanding employee benefits.  As we like to say here at Elderan Enterprises, 'Ships are what we make, Futures are what we build'."

After a brief applause, Mr. Veritas continued afterwards outlining what other plans he had for Elderan Enterprises. "We hope to soon be up and running, providing our workers, and the rest of the galaxy with some of the finest and most reliable merchandise possible. Elderan Enterprises will be producing everything from escape pods to behemoth Tabders, and will also provide the ability for any sentient in the galaxy to make their own cutting-edge space stations, to meet their own needs."

He continued on for another few minutes, talking of local charity work that will be done as well. After another outbreak of applause, Mr. Veritas tipped his hat, and proceeded back into his new offices.  One of his aides started dispersing information packets containing an outline of the information given.
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